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IONHeat™ Plumping Reshaping Pants

IONHeat™ Plumping Reshaping Pants

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Be inspired by the incredible results of our valuable customers!

"I've only been wearing these IONHeat™ Plumping Reshaping Pants for a few months, but I've already noticed results. It gives me the benefits of shape and slimming. The use of heating technology improves skin look, increases blood flow, and supports and compresses the thighs and buttocks. It helped my body in slimming down and lessening the look of body fat. Plus it's very comfortable to wear and can be worn during a variety of activities, including exercise, work, and everyday wear." - Marnie Hanselman

"The IONHeat™ Pants feel warm and compressive when worn. Wearing this gave me greater self-assurance and made me feel more at ease in my own body. My tummy and hips are nicely shaped because to it. I've only worn it for a few months, but I've already noticed amazing results. Through heat compression, it helps me have a better body shape and lose belly fat. Just wearing it makes my stomach perspire without me doing anything. Quite awesome!" - Kiarra Moore

Role of IONS in our Body

IONS play a crucial role in many processes in the human body.  Ions are electrically charged particles that can be positively charged (cations) or negatively charged (anions). Ions are essential for maintaining the balance of fluids in our body. They are involved in the movement of fluids between cells and tissues and the regulation of blood pressure. Ions are co-factors for many enzymes involved in metabolism. They help to facilitate chemical reactions that are necessary for the breakdown of food and the production of energy.

Made of Neoprene Fabric

Neoprene is made by polymerizing chloroprene, a type of monomer. One of the most distinctive features of neoprene is its ability to provide insulation. The material is known for its excellent thermal properties. Neoprene is resistant to UV rays, which makes it an ideal material for everyday use. 

Neoprene fabric can help you sweat more during exercise. The study behind this is that sweating can help you lose weight by flushing out toxins and burning calories. Neoprene is a comfortable material to wear, as it is soft and flexible, which makes it ideal for products that come into contact with the skin

Why does fat accumulate in my belly?

When you consume more calories than your body needs to function, the excess calories are stored in the form of fat. Fat cells, also known as adipocytes, can expand or shrink in size depending on the amount of fat they contain. When you consistently consume more calories than your body needs, the fat cells in your belly area can become enlarged, leading to an accumulation of belly fat.

How does IONHeat™ Plumping Reshaping Pants Works?

IONHeat™ Plumping Reshaping Pants are a type of clothing that are designed to help shape and contour your body while also providing heat therapy. Designed to provide a comfortable and effective solution for improving the appearance of your body and promoting overall health and wellness.

Accelerates Fat Burn

IONHeat™ Plumping Reshaping Pants are designed to use advanced technology to help accelerate fat burn. The pants are made with IONHeat™ technology that uses infrared energy to help stimulate blood flow and promote lymphatic drainage. This increased circulation can help to accelerate the body's natural fat-burning process, which can lead to increased metabolism and fat loss over time.

Compression Technology

The pants are designed with compression technology that provides a firm and supportive fit. This compression helps to promote blood flow and oxygenation to the muscles, which can help to boost the metabolism and accelerate fat burn during physical activity.

Plumping and Reshaping Effect

The IONHeat™ Plumping Reshaping Pants are designed to provide plumping effects to help give your lower body a more toned and sculpted look. The plumping properties of the pants are intended to provide a more voluminous appearance to the lower body, which may include the buttocks.

What makes IONHeat™ Plumping Reshaping Pants Special?

  • Built-in heating technology that helps to improve blood flow
  • Provide compression to the thighs, hips, and waist
  • Create a more toned and sculpted appearance
  • Create a more voluminous appearance in the lower body, including the buttocks
  • Designed to be comfortable and easy to wear, with a stretchy and breathable fabric
  • Unique combination of heating, compression, and plumping properties

Here are some of our happy customers

"I really love this reshaping pants because it provide compression to my abdominal area, which can help to smooth and contour my midsection. Wearing this the whole day made my sweat which i am really amazed, it help reduce the appearance of a bulging belly by flattening and smoothing out the area. Wearing this for months and look how my body transformation. It does contour my body midsection part." - Sofia Willes

"My greatest insecurities are the cellulites on legs and thighs. The compression provided by IONHeat™ Plumping Reshaping Pants can help to increase circulation on my legs. Over the time of wearing this made a huge difference on my legs appearance. Wearing this every workout made my legs sweat a lot and improve the flow of oxygen and nutrients on my skin." - Kyla Gaile

Product Details

Materials: Neoprene, Polymer Fabric

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